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Relative Race Casting

Relativerace (6)

Are you looking for your biological mom or dad? 

ON TV, INC. is casting people who are searching for their biological parents for the new season of BYUtv’s hit competition series, Relative Race. The show uses DNA to locate the missing family member while each team races across America to find them, for a chance to win $50,000. Email today for more info. Please include your contact information and a photo of yourself. 


  • $800 / day per team each day continued in the race 
  • All travel expenses are covered by production (not including lost wages during the 10 day shoot) 
  • 1st place team will win the $50,000 prize


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First Love True Love Submission Instructions

Hello everyone!

To submit yourself for this show, please email the following info to:

  1. Your name/age/where you’re from
  2. Current relationship status (single/divorced)
  3. Who is your first love? (their name, age and location)
  4. When did you date and what broke you up?
  5. Describe your dream date

Plus, please send us the following:

  • 2 Recent photos of yourself

  • 1 Photo from back in the day of you and your first love

    First Love True Love Casting Flyer #1 - Final C

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    The Year Of The Monkey – #ChineseNewYear – February 2016

    James said it best:

    “This year ON TV, INC. got a drop kick to the balls with great projects that have launched 2016!”

    …and we love it! We’ve been busy, energized and we’re ready for more. We’re wrapping Superfan casting this week and putting the Parenthood project on pause (see video on YOUTUBE for more info if you still want to apply).

    Super Bowl50 is (finally) this weekend and we are concentrating our efforts on tying up the last loose ends on our Super Bowl Superfan digital casting. Anticipation is high, as we have been receiving calls from traditional media about digital casting for online content built around real talent…which we specialize in! Johnnie just did an interview with Fox in Greenbay, WI about digital casting which will air tonight out there at 9:30PM ET. (As soon as we have the link, we’ll share!)

    David just finished putting the finishing touches on two of video projects; one starring everyone’s favorite #FABULOUS Bachelorette and the other is our latest VLOG (check that one on YOU TUBE).

    And now…we are diving into what’s happening at RealScreen to find our next reality project. We’re also targeting advertising agencies and digital content creators to collaborate with on our next commercial project. If you have a digital project and need talent to build content around, let us find you the polished, turnkey cast ready to make your project shine!

    We have put up a lot of new content on our social media pages for both entertainment and promotion, so make sure to take a look on our Twitter and Facebook while browsing around. You won’t be disappointed!


    View from our HQ at Opodz in Little Tokyo : (Left to Right) David Gutierrez, Johnnie Raines, James LaGrappe

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    NOW CASTING: Super Bowl 50 Ad

    To kick off 2016, we’re going big with a SUPERBOWL 50 AD! It’s our first digital project of the year, and we hope you are just as excited as we are!

    To Submit, simply follow the directions on our flyer below, and have the chance to become the next viral super fan! All you need to do is film yourself telling us your name and location, who you’re rooting for, your favorite thing about gameday, and show us your touchdown dance!

    Super Fan Flyer Instruction - V1