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Now Casting Families In Atlanta


– Oprah Winfrey Network –&
The company bringing you Undercover Boss has a new family show!

This show is positive, uplifting and will offer solutions.

Raising a family is a challenge for every parent and sometimes parents can be a teens worst nightmare.

We’re seeking families who are at the end of their rope!
For more information, email me @

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Real or Fake – You Be The Judge

Now casting experts in the field of the paranormal, the unexplained and the world of mysterious animals like Big Foot, the chupacabra and unicorns. The show is for major cable and is being cast in Los Angeles over the next couple of weeks. We are looking for a dynamic duo with opposing views (skeptic/believer), an outspoken authority and someone who’s only expertise is their belief in the unknown. If this is you, or you know of anyone who would be great for television and should be the star of their own new show, please email me ASAP @ Thanks!

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Happy New Year Baby

Now Casting baby experts, doulas, midwives, baby concierges, pregnancy stylists and others who work with pregnant women during their last tri-mester. The show is being developed for a major cable network and focuses on pregnant women who are in their third trimester just as they are about to give birth. The show will chronicle the days leading up to the birth, the birth itself and the days following. The experts we are searching for will provide a narrative throughout each stand-alone episode and advise the prospective mothers as they prepare to give birth.

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Now Casting Turbo Tax Commerical For NBC

LogoDo you use Turbo Tax? Love NBC shows “The Voice,” “Access Hollywood,” “Ghost Hunters,” or “Tabitha’s Salon Takeover?” You could book this gig! Email with Turbo Tax in the subject line. You might be the star of NBC’s first “real person” commercial casting for this popular, consumer friendly product. Casting closes on 10/15.

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Autumn Surprise

Eden Sassoon Head ShotLike what you see? Stay tuned for more. Eden Sassoon is on the cusp of international expansion. Together with her business partners Johnnie Raines and Katy Wallin (Mystic Art Pictures), Eden is launching a global business concept. A new television show is also in the works built around the lovely Ms. Sassoon and her dramatic and compelling world. If you don’t look good, we don’t look good and we want you to look (and feel) fabulous.

Check out for more info. Visit www.pilatesplusbyedensassoon. Like “By Eden Sassoon” on Facebook to stay current on what’s happening!